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Live Your Magnificence & Activate Yourself from Within!

I can show you How To Live Your Magnificence & Activate yourself from within. Light Up Your Life!

Connect to Your Higher Mind & Infinite Self.

Use Intuitive Living to Shift Your Life Every Day…

  • Take the Pure Light Activation Journey and shift your life in 9 weeks
  • Use to change patterns to Higher Consciousness & Intuitive ways.
  • Pure Light Activations Journey is for Life
  • Use each time you want to expand in consciousness and intuition
  • Live Your Best Life Every Day!


    Meditation What does this Guided Meditation Activation help with? Click through for more Details on the Detail section of each Meditation 
CD1.1 You Have the Key to Your Life Right Now Peace of Mind – Guidance/Direction – Clarity – Insomnia – Migraine
CD1.2 Deepen your Connection with your Angels for Guidance Connection  –  Connect to your Angels –  Imagination 
CD2.1 Be Inspired, Live Your Purpose  Lifes Purpose –  Raise Vibration –  Increase Energy –  Angels –  Be your own Life Coach
CD2.2 Raise Your Energy & Light  Energy Levels –  Increase Energy –  High Vibration –  Creation Focussed Mind
CD3.1 Lake of Miracles  Crystal Healing –  Peace  –  Work with Magic –  Indigo ConsciousnessUse your Gifts –  Confidence  – Live your Best Life – Higher view on Life
CD3.2 Meet Light Masters to Increase your LightQuotient Connection – Confidence –  Direction/Guidance –  Power to Live your Best life – Focus on Goals – Give your mind a rest. –  Clarity 
CD4.1 Star Light &Pleidian Heart Circle  Living the Way of the Heart  – Law of Attraction –  Balance Heart Healing –  Wellbeing –  Love –  Connection to Pleiadians
CD4.2 Flying on two Wings of the Butterfly. Transformation –  Increase Energy –  Release old patterns –  Clear Limitations –  Positive Thinking –  Clarity Peace
CD5.1 Activate Your Higher Chakras & Live in a Higher Vibration. Chakra Opening  – Chakra Healing  – Third Eye Awakening –  High Vibration -Healthy Body –  Success –  Live Divine like Qualities
CD5.2 Garden of Vision & Guidance. Guidance  – Strength –  Direction –  Purification  – Clarity  – Focus on Intentions – Achieving Goals
CD6.1 Connecting to your Soul Essence Activate your Soul Essence –  How to Be Happy –  Changing Thoughts -NLP for your Soul –  Remember your Soul –  Mastery in Life
CD6.2 Release Old Patterns & Beliefs with the Lords of Karma Changing Thoughts –  Change Thinking –  Uplifting Mind –  ConfidenceEliminate Limitations  – Moving forward in Life  – Lighter Body
CD7.1 Activate Crystal Consciousness.. Conscious Awakening  – The Power of Now  – Bereavement –  Immune System  – Higher Consciousness –  Crystal Healing  – Heart Healing -Love  – Live your Joy 
CD7.2 Healing Pond. Healing –  Restore vitality –  Cellular healing
CD8.1 Activate Rainbow Consciousness Spiritual Relaxation  – Access your Higher Self –  Increase Capabilities- Release Stress Symptoms  – Improve Performance in Life  – Awakening -Higher Consciousness –  Live Your Best Life
CD8.2 Fountain of Light Cleansing  – Healing –  Clear Mind –  Clarity –  Guidance Inspiration
CD9.1 Activate Diamond Consciousness Ascension –  Spiritual Expansion –  Raise Vibration –  Live an Inspired Life -Wisdom  – Master your thoughts –  Healthy Radiant Body  – Performance  -Change Your Life
CD9.2 Activate Light Body Level 1 Nervous System Healing –  Clarity –  Release Stress –  Raise Energy – Power of Mind to Heal  – Lighter Healthier Body
Golden Light Meditation Mindfulness, Meditation Healing, Peace of Mind, Emotional Healing, Empowerment
  • I can show you how to Live Your Magnificence & Light Up!
  • Clear and recalibrate your energy field. Give your mind a rest!
  • Access Clarity, Guidance, Fulfillment & Connection to  your Higher Infinite Self  for Peace, a Higher view and Guidance in life.
  • Access Higher Intuition by Reseting your Body & Mind to your original  spark of Light.
  • Pure Light Activations are High Vibrational Meditations to Awaken your Genius Loving Self
  • Use Daily to Live Your Life of Joy Freedom & Fulfillment

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Go to Meditation  and Click View Product. See Benefits of each Activation. Listen to samples of each Activation. Choose the complete series Pure Light Activation Journey & Live Your Magnificence Every Day. We are here to Be Free, Be Joy, Be Light & Fly High. Start today

Pure Light Activations Journey

 These Meditations are designed for you to start at Meditation CD 1 and use Meditation CD1 for a week or a month.  Then move on to Meditation CD 2 and up to Meditation CD 9. However if you feel drawn to choose in a different way choose the Light Meditations that resonates with you.

 Live Your Magnificence & Best Life.

Be Free, Be Joy, Be Light. Fly High!

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