Patricia and Pure Light

Patricia SheehanMeditation-Patricia Sheehan

Deep in the centre of your being is a spark of pure light and joy. Our journey in life is to rediscover that joy. Practice Meditation every day to centre, connect and come from your higher perfect state. At the very core of all my work I provide support for you to be who you truly are. Since 2002 I have been providing courses and audios to Eliminate Stress Symptoms, How to Be Happy, Live your Best Life Now. Success is to raise your awareness, consciousness and Live from Your Heart and Spirit.


Pure Light Meditation Activations have been created to support you connect to your higher consciousness and light to gain clarity, focus, happiness, health and connection to your deepest source within yourself. To experience your Pure Light and live it in every area of your life!

As long as I can remember I was always searching for a purpose to life or deeper meaning to our existence. I participated fully in everything I did. I achieved a lot of human things! and was happy enough. I felt I should be grateful for what I had, yet my inner self wanted more. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted more of, until I started expanding my consciousness to connect with the higher realms. Is this you? Are you looking for more to life? Do you want a sense of passion and lightness or expansion, where you use all aspects of your great self? Or are you looking for peace to enjoy each moment?

Listen to Pure Light Meditations Activations regularly and your inner world will light up with inspired thoughts and feelings. You will feel a real shift in your magnetic field, like a recalibration.

I started meditating at 14 and from my twentys I started exploring energy techniques, healing, spirit, esoteric, metaphysical and how science and spiritual dimensions fully support each other.

I trained with many spiritual and energy teachers worldwide from the US to a Korean Monk. I am also a Chartered Chemist and that is why I use Light as the medium to transform our bodies and thoughts, as light is the spark that has created every cell. Your quantum field (particles of vibration, that perfect spark) is perfect. Our journey is to practice going to the perfect state.

After years of personally connecting to higher consciousness and light, I discovered that our existence is way beyond our physical aspects and lives in many expanded states. By connecting to your source light within every day, you will achieve the most amazing things. You will experience peace as your body and mind release the limitations of your past. Your body will feel lighter. Your mind clearer. You will focus and have a new sense of clarity.

As I created these Pure Light Activations, it brought me through a process which gave me great inspiration and a momentum that I had never experienced. Like the light above that is within was directing me at a whole new level. You can feel huge support and clarity and purpose in everything I do. With connecting to the higher dimensions within, you can create the life of my dreams.

Many have told me how much Pure Light Activations Meditations has helped shift their energy and thinking. This gave them access to a peaceful inner truth and gave them support in all areas of their lives from health, relationships, career choices, courage to change and to be in their power. That’s why I started presenting Pure Light Activations to groups and later recorded them. Pure Light is a way, you can connect to your own Light Team, (Higher Mind, whatever you like to name it) who are here for you and actually are within you! You will experience who you truly are and experience great joy and happiness, which brings out the best in you and all you do. Start now. Go to Meditation  Pure Light Activations and click on products to see what you get from each Meditation Light Activation  and choose just one to start.

Return to your spark great one!

Be Free Be Joy Be Light. Fly High!   

Are you ready?