About Pure Light Activations

Welcome to an entirely new, invigorating, exciting and fun universe of Pure Light!

The journey you are now beginning will change your life; it will improve your ability to access and achieve your highest potential not only during the use of these Activation CDs, but you will also access your highest potential in all that you do. The journey will open your mind and your body and refresh your spirit and will bring added richness and enjoyment to everything you do.

A huge number of exciting discoveries await you, including the fact that using your Imagination and having fun will accelerate your Light Essence and Human Potential. Imagination and Light Energy Activation are the twin pillars of your Fun Loving Successful life. The more you listen to the words and imagine the images and let the light energy infuse through the spaces and silences in these Activations, the faster you expand your potential with less effort.

The Twin Pillars of Imagination and Light Energy Activation guarantee that if you listen and activate new energy, you will activate aspects of your human essence to realise your potential faster and have more fun.

You will also discover that the old way of a lot of effort to achieve your potential will be switched off and your greatest companion will be your Light Source along your journey for a Life of Light and Joy.

In addition you will be introduced to the fascinating revelation that your strengthened connections to Pure Light Essence will enable you to take on new levels of awareness, which will not only increase your pleasure and increase your fun, you will increase the rate at which you accelerate your potential to have the life you want.

Underlying all these discoveries to access your Light Energy are the Pure Light Activation CDs. By using the Pure Light Activation Meditation CDs, you will learn how activating energy, is the universal way to be the best you can be. And by applying Pure Light Activation energy to your day, it makes life much much easier. You become a clear space for creation, happiness and health.

On the journey you will be aided by many of the different Pure Light Activation Meditation CDs that are available to you. They all bring a different aspect to your energy field and awareness. All the Pure Light Activation CDs will be relevant to your life and above all will drench you in enjoyment, amazement and fun with what you can achieve with ease when your true pure light energy is activated.

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