Ways you can use Pure Light Meditations Activation Meditation CDs & Downloads

  • These Light Activations are Guided Meditations that bring you through 9 Light Meditation CDs with 18 Light Activations. They are designed to start at the beginning with CD 1, Activation 1 & 2 and work up to CD 9, Activation 17 & 18. However you can use these Activations anyway you wish, as they are developed to bring you to your own awareness and your own source and truth. Below are some suggestions if you want different ways of using them.
  • You may be drawn do part of the series. CD 1-3 has one theme, CDS 4-6 has another theme and CD 7-9 another theme.
  • Or you may feel guided to pick and choose any combination or choose one CD
  • It is recommended to start at CD 1 and go up to CD 9. It is a journey. There is a theme and there is an opening that is experienced and expanded along the way. Starting in the middle or at the end will provide you with light and energy for that aspect, however its like reading the last chapter of a book. You’ll get something, however its worth getting the richness, fun and depth of the journey,
  • Start at CD 1 Activation 1& 2 and listen to the two tracks and integrate these Activations for one week or one month or as guided. Then move on to CD 2 Activation 3 & 4 and listen to these two tracks and integrate those for one week, one month or as guided. Continue all the way to CD 9 Activation 17 & 18 on the 9th week or 9th month. Over the 9 weeks/months you will have developed your Higher Consciousness and awareness and activated your body to integrate, anchor and embody new levels of Pure Light. The journey with Pure Light Activations will change your life. It will improve your ability to access and achieve your highest potential. Regular use will bring richness, fun and lightness to your everyday life, where you will experience your human potential at a whole new level.
  • You can use the Light Meditations Activations Mini Series CDs 1 to 3 or CDs 4 to 6 or CDs 7 to 9. CDs 1 to 3 activate and deepen your connections to Pure Light, your Life Purpose and Desires. CDs 4 to 6 activate your Heart, Higher Chakras and Soul Essence. CDs 7 to 9 awaken your Higher Consciousness to Unlimited Potential of Pure Light, as a Multidimensional Being
  • You can create an intention of finding guidance for something prior to listening to all Activations, so that intention is present in your sub consciousness. This will increase the power of focus and outcome of the Activation. It is likely that you will receive guidance during the Activation that you can integrate into your life.
  • You can listen with no intention. Just be guided as you go along.
  • If you drift during the Activations, they still work. So let your body and mind relax. These Activations can be absorbed through the cells and senses of your body. Remember you always embody the Activation.
  • If you want to release physical pain or a physical imbalance, ask for guidance around the source of this imbalance and be open to all dimensions working with you.
  • From your Activation, you can choose to integrate the wisdom into your life and bring a new wisdom to your world.
  • The world would love you to activate and enlighten your Life, as you also enlighten the vibration of our planet.
  • Honour the journey you have taken, with your desire to Activate, Anchor and Embody Source Light and honour yourself as a Multi Dimensional Being.
  • The Earth shines brighter when you do!

Be Free, Be Joy, Be Light, Fly High!