What People are saying about Pure Light Activations.

I am doing a pure light activation most nights – I find them so powerful. I did one Sunday night and with the full moon as well I could feel cellular transformation. I was changing and there was no fear I just went with it. It was on the “lake of miracle” track.
I am quite amazed that the words seem to change all the time that I listen to the Pure Light Activations. I get different guidance each time.   I love them. Thanks
I was guided in a mediation by one of your CDs recently and oh my God was it so powerful. Thank you so much.
I love my CD.I listen to it about once a week. I find it really supportive and it causes me to be mindful afterwards. As a secondary school teacher the next day I find it easier to be present to the students and I don’t get frustrated with the challenging ones! Also I find it helping my confidence in moving forward with a business project I am working on at the moment and I feel success comes into my mind every time I do the meditation.
Carolyn, Dublin

I am a busy working Mum constantly juggling life, hubbie and 3 children – sound familiar? Currently, I am listening to one of the CDs in series 1 – 3 from ‘Pure Light Activations’. In all honesty and without doubt, I have chosen well. I make precious time to listen to it, meditate to it and I believe in its absolute strength and pure guidance. The choice of CDs is plentiful so let your hear guide you, as I did. The CD will actually choose you.​

Feel Free, Feel Light,

I’m loving the Crystal Activation CD, from the first listen I felt my energies shift into a higher vibration. I like to listen when I’m tired, it helps me feel relaxed.
Abby, Dublin
I am just so delighted that I came across these CDs. I have started with the first three CDs. Since I have listened to them, my mind is much clearer. I am more in tune with my inner guidance and find that I am making life choices easily. As a result, my body and mind and spirit are much lighter than before. Every time I listen to them, I find I hear something different and I get great guidance and relaxation.
I suffer from Insomnia. Since I got the CD You have the key to life right now, I put it on every night and I have slept since. Thank you.

Hello Patricia, I would like to comment on your Source Light Activations CD No. 1, “You have the key to your life right now”. I found meditations very beautiful and relaxing, each time I listen to it I get something new, and it’s true every time you use them they continue to have a positive effect on one’s life. I would like to share this with you Patricia, recently I had to attend a relative’s funeral, and on leaving the crematorium, I fell into conversation with one of the Ushers from the funeral office. She asked me what I thought about cremation, and I replied that it didn’t appeal to me now, but that I might change my mind at a later stage. In truth I do feel scared about it all not dying, but the actual cremation. Suddenly she put into my hand a number of miniature Angel jewellery for what of a better description. They were gold and silver, when I told her I had chosen an Angel card that morning and asked for Angels for a sign, she replied that was her sign too, as she had prayed to God to give these symbols to the person who needed them. I left walking on air.​

Good Luck and God Bless. You are a teacher of Light

I was so surprised the CD made such a difference. It was quite amazing. I listened to CD 1, “You Have the Key to Life Right Now” the day I got it. I woke up the next morning. All that energy I was dealing with was gone. I felt different and ready to move on. It was really amazing
Teresa, Reiki Master Teacher
Love the CDs, creating a beautiful space Patricia!.