Why Use Pure Light Activations?

“The World reflects back to you that which exists inside”. Bring pure light within and enjoy your radiance reflecting back to you.

We are all aware of our environmental imprint. Leave an Energetic imprint of Love, Lightness, Unlimited Potential and Joy on this planet and by doing so, you will have a Joyful, Light Successful life. This powerful audio series contains Pure Light Activations created by Patricia Sheehan.

The purpose is to introduce and activate new levels of Pure Light, to expand awareness and discover new levels of human potential. While listing to the guided audio, close your eyes, relax and let your consciousness and body accept these activations. These beautiful activations come through the guided words, music and vibration used in developing these audios. This will naturally and easily allow you open and fill with new high vibrational source energy.

Listen to these activations regularly and pure light will charge your body, and mind and invigorate your spirit. This increased connectedness with source energy and light works through you, providing you with the source light for accelerating your potential with amazement, ease, fun and lightness.

These activations will benefit you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The more you use them, the greater your connection to source light.

These Activation Meditation CDs from Pure Light are designed to take you on a High Vibrational Guided Meditation, so that you can access your own Higher Guidance for a Happy, Healthy and Creative Joyful Life with Heightened Awareness of your Light Essence. With Pure Light you can follow your Spirit and Heart and Live your Dreams on Earth.

  • Experience High Vibrational energy and expanded awareness with these Pure Light Activation Meditation CDs.
  • Strengthen your Connection to Your Higher Power, Light & Spirit and have a Loving, Powerful Successful Life.
  • Use these Light Filled Activation Meditation CDs regularly to bring your Spirit and Heart Light to Life.
  • Live as a Creative Being of expanded Light and Joy.