Joyful Living & How to Change Your Perception VLog

Hi everyone!

This is Patricia Sheehan and you’re very welcome to my Vlog. First of all, just to say the purpose of these Vlogs is to show you that the Pure Light Meditation series is a super way of supporting you to live your best life.

The Pure Light Journey:

  • It’s a way of clearing your thoughts
  • A way of maintaining a high level of happiness,
  • A way of maintaining happiness no matter what’s going on in life,
  • Also is a way of supporting you to live your potential and increase looking at how you want to be fulfilled in life.

I will go through different aspects of the Pure Light Meditation Series to show how it can make a difference to the way you live life.

Today, I am going to talk about Joyful Living and Perception.

Perception can be your biggest stress or your biggest gift.

To make it really easy, I am going to break everything down to a

Key awareness around perception,

A solution

A practice.

Let’s look at the awareness of perception and what is perception. Perception is personal. Perception is a way that we feel or see or sense or understand or interpret a situation or a life experience. So our perception is personal.  We all know about the brain. Our brains actually look the same. The organ is the same in everyone. Your perception comes from your mind. I’d ask you, where is your mind? If you find it, let me know. Our mind is this concept that we talk about. We use our mind. We say things like “it’s on my mind”. Where is your mind? So your mind is personal and your perception comes from that. That is the key awareness around perception.

So let’s look at – how to change perception if it’s stressing you. A key way is every morning for just five minutes:

  • Write down what you perceive your day to be or your thoughts to be that day.
  • In the morning you may wake up and you may say, “Oh, I’m stressed. I don’t know whether I’m going to get everything done in work today. I’m overwhelmed by X.” or whatever.
  • And you would write just the thoughts that you have that are in the back of your mind and then
  • Change those thoughts and perceive your day to be different.
  • So if it’s to do with work, you might write down that

“I welcome and I’m grateful that I have a job and I’m really resourceful and I’m at peace and ease with everything I do”.

Now if you can do that, you are sorted. You don’t need to listen to anymore of this video. You just write the list and then you write the opposite.

It’s really normal to have those thoughts that appear negative. Humanly there’s a safety mechanism that is always looking to protect us so that we survive. There’s nothing abnormal about that. Everybody has those thoughts.

People have different ways of overriding them and that’s the key. So those thoughts everybody has them.

Change your perception and then take action from that new perceived way.

You go into work with the perception “I’m really resourceful and grateful and I welcome the abundance of work around me”. You will start to act in a different way. That’s the first step.

If you can’t do that, there is something else you can do. Some people can shift their thoughts, others can’t. So why is that? Everybody’s awareness is different.

Just to give you another concept. There was the thinking that we are our genetics. And it’s been turned on its head. Twenty years ago we thought that we were our genetics. We had this predictability in our lives that has been turned on its’ heads. We are ninety five percent epigenetics and five percent genetics. Dr Bruce Lipton has written a lot about this. He is a geneticist. He has completed studies to demonstrate that ninety five percent of our makeup is not governed by our genetics. Five percent maybe, but we can influence ninety five percent of our makeup.

Epigenetics means that the environmental influences of the body have an impact on the body.

So what are those environmental influences that affect your perception? There are a couple of key things. The environmental impact on your mind and on the cells in your body are

  • your diet
  • the amount of water you drink
  • how fit you are
  • what exercise you take
  • it can also be the environment that you are in at work
  • it can be the environment of your home
  • the social environment
  • it can be impacted by-if you are truly expressing what you want to do with your life or not.

All of those are called epigenetics. They are environmental factors that influence the cells of your body. If for some reason you can’t change the perception on your list every day, there is another layer that you are going to work with. I’m not going to go into those at this moment.  However, there is a layer of other aspects that will help you change your perception.

So the practice now is to write down the opposite perception and then in time over these Vlogs we will look at some of the other aspects.

To support you in changing perception the first CD of the Pure Light Activation Series is “You Have The Key to Life Right Now” This is a CD and it’s also on download. It’s the first activation meditation and it helps with perception. If you need support, it is really good to use this. Here’s a verse of what you could expect to get from listening to the activation meditation.

“You have a deep inner awareness and consciousness that is full of light, of peace, of optimism, of clarity and of abundance and success and a great capacity to love and deeply nurture yourself. Go within and receive strength and clarity. You have the key to your life right now. Connect to your own inner light and wisdom to bring that guidance to you clearly and easily. The affirmation that goes with this activation meditation is

“I have the key. I am the key. Give me the courage to be the key.”  

It’s a 40 minute meditation. If you really want to change perception, this Activation Meditation is for you. You can listen with an intention of changing a perception around x. It takes you on an imaginary journey, you are asked questions. You answer your own questions with your Higher Mind. You start to access your own key. If you listen to this Activations Meditation every day for a week or even a month you will integrate the energy and you will learn how to change your perception.

You will find that your list in the morning will change quicker. So this Activation Meditation is here for you. You can get it on my website.

Have a Happy and Joyful week.

Lots of Brightness