Joyful Living & Connections Vlog

Hi Everyone.  This is Patricia Sheehan and I’m delighted to be here and you are very welcome to my blog.

This week I am going to talk about Joyful Living and Connections.

Before we start, just going back to the last VLog and we looked at:

  • Starting your day every day with the statement “I am so truly grateful for”… and then writing out what that is for you for that day.

How did you get on with that?

Just to give you an idea, when I heard that statement first. I heard from a lady. I thought “Oh, that’s gorgeous” and that really suits her. However I felt it a little over the top. Also I thought it wasn’t fully me. However, I did start to write it down, “I am so truly grateful for” When I began to use those words, they didn’t really match my vibration. As I wrote it and then wrote my days and my desires for the days, something happened.

I started to resonate with the words. What happens is when you actually say the statement, the parts of you that don’t resonate start to come up to the surface and start to leave.  So with me doing that, I now actually love the statement. “I am so truly grateful for and it actually is me!

So we will look at what happened there. How did that go from an uncomfortable statement that doesn’t reflect me to a place where I can feel the flow of that statement. I feel that it is me and it isn’t a false statement.

At the beginning it is false, however I chose to take the practice on, to alter whatever it is in me that doesn’t feel that. So let’s look at what happened in that.

Just think of how we are all designed. We don’t fully understand. We understand physically a certain amount of the way the body is designed. Just look at the brain we have a hundred billion neurons in the brain and we have a hundred trillion connections in the brain. I can’t even imagine what that looks like.  All I can see is a map of light circuits.  That’s what we’re designed, we’re designed with these circuits and these patterns and these networks and all of those networks are thoughts, electrical frequencies. Every thought makes a pulsation.

So let’s look at it very simply.  When I said first or when you say first, “I am so truly grateful for,” that little pathway on that Network hasn’t really been used before.

  • When you say the statement first, you will think “Oh well, I have so much to do today.”
  • I have to sort out this and that.
  • I have these decisions to make. Sure I can’t be truly grateful at this moment.
  • However, if you think of it. When you go into the problems, there’s a network there waiting for you to go down all the problems you have. When you think of one problem, you just go nicely onto the next problem and it gets to another circuit down to the next one.
  • You have all of these networks available to you. If you’re not intentional about how you know you operate, you will just go off to that network of problems.
  • The network that is used the most actually grows and it has been shown that the threads in the neuron system actually grow and get bigger.

So I wake up and I am going to deal with x,y,z and so that network gets anchored in.  In the moment I stopped, there was really an urge to deal with my problems and to write all the to-dos. In the stop – it’s like you are in the middle of this road and then “I am so truly grateful for” goes down this other network which isn’t really used.  But as it goes in, it goes a little bit slower and then it get anchored. Then there is huge possibility of different ways of thinking and all of those networks with all those problems for some reason they just totally weakened because the focus was on “I am really so truly grateful for”, That brings real intention in. It maybe just to have something completed that day or to feel joy in that day or to be truly grateful for that I’m really clear about my decision today. It altered the focus, so that’s what’s happening.  Connection is huge in the way we are designed. We have all of that in our network.

Thirty percent of all of our energy is used by the function of the network in your brain so you can have thirty percent more energy if you know how that works. You we can bring it back to be intentional and live the way you would like to live.  

So what can you do with these connections?

  • First of all, we are not aware of them all the time. We are just doing our normal day-to-day activities.
  • You need to practice, to come back and start awakening and opening to new levels of connections and it’s unlimited.
  • If you go up to the universe, it’s unlimited. If you go down right down to the quantum field, it’s unlimited.
  • But right here, I’m here. So we are going to open up and for the number of blogs I’m going to do, we’re going to open up to different levels of connections to make you aware and awaken.
  • And as you become aware and awakened, you then go to another level.

So simply for this week, I’m looking at the connections of just the physical body.  We know the connections in the physical body.  We know the digestive system.  You know your mouth is connected to your stomach and to the digestive system.  You know your lungs are connected through, again to your nose and your mouth. You know there is  a connection in the way we are made up. All the organs in the body have a physical function and all those physical functions are connected to make this work.  This is another level of connection.

All the physical organs have an emotional context and all of those are connected together.  All the organs have a thought function whether the organs are bones or muscles.

  • They have a physical connection.
  • a thought connection
  • an emotional connection.

How are you going to find out that?  You don’t read this in a book.  You can read it, but knowing it is not connection. This is where we have to go in.

  • We have to experience the map of what it is and how we are designed.
  • So the practice is- every day do a body scan. People might say, “I’m just doing this for relaxation.”  It’s not just for relaxation. It’s to actually scan your body.
  • Scan it so that you can clear the thoughts and emotions in the body. You can perform better or be just be happier or healthier, by scanning and clearing.
  • So when you can scan the body any unconscious thoughts or feelings that are there, that aren’t aligned with your “ Being truly grateful “ statement actually gets to be released.
  • You need to become aware. To be aware, we need to access those parts.

For this week it’s actually quite simple, and there is a meditation to just scan down your body.

However I would like you to understand the journey of this.  There is a journey of getting to know your design and going to deeper levels.

As you take that journey, you will find whatever you need to find in that.  I have a golden light meditation.  It’s a really good one if you want a practice in going through the body. This golden light meditation actually goes down through the body where you go into the organs. You have the thoughts and the feelings that are there.  You acknowledge them and release them.  If you do that in the morning and if you do that in the evening, you start to a get connection with your own design.  You will feel more joy and happiness.

What I’m really noticing lately is, there is a lot of people who are coming to me and saying their mojo is gone. What I think is, we are here to go to deeper levels of connection. Humanly, if you look at the world and the connection that is in the world; between the Internet and Facebook. Everything has loads of connections. We need to bring that mechanism into our Being and I think we’re moving to a whole new level with this.

So really take this on. By taking this on and you taking the journey with me over the next couple of months to deepen your connection, you’ll be surprised by what you can learn from yourself. I can bring you along this journey step-by-step. Bringing you to the door. You are going to learn it. You will find different connections in yourself. So what I’d love you to do is go to my website. It’s  Look at the golden light meditation as a start – to start the journey of that connection. You can get it on download and you can get it on CD. The first thing is to choose that you are going to interact in a whole new way with yourself.

Have a wonderful and happy and deeply connecting week.