Joyful Living & Purpose of Failure VLog

Hi Everyone.

This is Patricia Sheehan.  I’m really delighted to be back here again with my new vlogs. When I sat down to see what I was going to talk about today, I looked at talking about joyful living. However there was something missing, and so what I’m going to talk about is

There is a Purpose to Failure and Joyful Living actually go hand-in-hand.

You know you are already a person that has everything within. You have a feeling and understanding that you have your answers within. However, we’re always looking for tools that support you to be happy.

We know life is about:

  • setting goals
  • challenges
  • achieving
  • failing
  • getting back on track.

What I’d like to ask you-

Why make your life about your journey to happiness and sharing your happiness?

Why would you make that your purpose in life?

So when I looked at that myself, first of all I looked at what I perceived my happiness to come from and just to give you an example because you will see yourself in this.

At eleven, I had an experience that probably wasn’t the best. However, what I got was a deep connection with myself. I went into my heart, I went up into my higher mind. At that time, it felt like a “disconnect”. So it didn’t quite feel right.  However, really looking at it now, I got a huge strength in connecting with myself and there’s a huge happiness that comes through me from that connection that I created with myself.

Then looking at the next step. It was a time when I was 15. I was coming down Grafton Street and it was Christmas Eve and I was just been singing with my classmates. I just felt this joy within myself and I wondered what that was. I felt there was something we connected to, in the singing. There was a connection and a sense of happiness that I got from that.

When I was 19, I started skydiving and have 1800 skydives. I was on the Irish team and also on two world records. In the moments with the team in the air where there’s nothing else, there’s just a huge connection With a hundred other women, which was the world record- there was a big connection and we couldn’t do it on our own. We needed each other to be altogether to connect in whatever we were doing.  In coming down through the sky, there was just that feeling of connection to ourselves and as a group, which brought huge happiness.

Then moving on to meeting my husband for the first time or that connection of having our kids.

Now what I do is I sing and i get another connection through singing or I get great connection with my running club.

So what do they all have in common?

Sometimes we think the happiness comes from the “thing” itself. I believe it doesn’t come from the thing. And the “thing”, whatever we do, changes as we move through life.

Where Happiness comes from is – Connection. Whether we deeply connect with ourselves or connect to a group.

When we are connected, we are present, we are in the flow. And in that moment you have this divine energy that just flows through. Whether you call it divine energy or just a sensation that expands your body and you have a feeling of joy. That is what happiness is.

I invite you to see yourself in this and after this video blog listen to it again and go back and see where you connected deeply with yourself.

Now you may feel some parts where failure or something didn’t happen the way you’d like it, however you connected with some part of yourself and just to acknowledge that connection or where you connected with other people.

There is a powerful context to live your life from.

One context is Living Joyfully.

Now being human we are not always in that space.

The other powerful context is that

There is a Purpose in Failure.

So when things have gone off track use that moment to look at what you can do to bring yourself happiness or to bring happiness to somebody else just for that day?

Connect to some part of yourself.

Going off track can sometimes be just guiding you in another direction.

I invite you to do the following for the week:

  • First of all, as I have said go back over and look at those moments in your life where you connected to some part of yourself.
  • Every morning right down, “I am so truly grateful that I choose to be happy or live my joy today.”

Now initially you might say those words don’t resonate with you. They do resonate with you! However there’s part of you that don’t resonate with them. So write the statement every day.

  • Then the second sentence that you’d write is “I am so truly grateful that I choose to be happy and be joyful today and that helps me….” and then you’d write “that helps me feel better”  (if you have a physical issue) or “that helps me achieve this task” or “that helps me support someone.”

If you have things going on in life, support yourself by practicing-

Live your Joy and Happiness today. That is your number one priority.

It will start to address the things going on in your life at a whole new level. It is just changing your focus.

Do that for these two weeks! Your weeks will be different.  You start to realize the connections you have and all those answers you have within.

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Have a really happy week and choose that from this moment that your priority is to Live your Happiness and share your happiness every day. See how everything is life is uplifted from this place.

Free, Joy, & Light. Fly High!