You know the more you live from your heart and connect to your inner guidance, the happier, healthier and more peaceful you are.

It takes courage to let go of old ways and expand into new ways. You can Love Life. Generally your greatest times have been when you have connected to your higher consciousness and acted from your heart.

When you listen to the quietness within your heart and let it guide you to the next step you experience great joy and freedom.

You capture what is possible and access your Higher Consciousness and great human potential. Everything becomes so clear in those moments. Your body begins to feel peaceful and your mind is free.
So how do you maintain these experiences of Listening and Living from your heart, so that you exist from this state more often?

Mind development techniques will bring you so far. However they are always connected to your mechanisms for survival, based on your past, your family’s past and societies’ past. It is just part of the human experience.

Energy body work can be a great step to work beyond the mind, to bring peace, happiness and clarity to the mind. When you start to let go through your body, your mind will alter as everything experienced in the mind ultimately ends up in your body.  As your body becomes clearer, your connection to your higher consciousness becomes brighter and clearer too. Your body naturally becomes brighter and is more open to receiving your own higher guidance.

You can connect to your higher guidance for the simplest of daily tasks and for major life issues.

It is amazing to connect to something bigger than yourself that is within you.

It is important to have a daily practice where you tune in and connect with your higher self, to ensure you are acting from the place that is aligned with your highest truth.

5 Simple questions to deepen your connection to your heart. Relax, Meditate or just simply do some deep breath work for 10 minutes and ask in the silence of your mind

  1. How can I be more centred in myself?
  2. What am I learning right now?
  3. What do I need to let go?
  4. What do I need to know to move forward?
  5. What do I need to do in my daily practice to keep me balanced and clear?

Then get up and take action. It is coming from your heart. A true barometer of what is good for you.

We all have the capacity to create something new. Einstein and many of the well-known creators  went beyond the logical mind to create. We just need to connect to the greatness that surrounds us and that is easily done by quietening the mind in Meditation and working with the quiet mind for Inspiration.

Access your Higher Consciousness to expand your Heart energy. You naturally will achieve greater health, happiness and success as you learn to connect to your source energy to open your Heart.

“The Power of Your Heart & Some Heart Facts”

Research by the Institute for HeartMath in California has shown that the heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body:

  • The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain.
  • The magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain
  • The electromagnetic energy of the heart not only envelops every cell of the human body, but also extends out in all directions in the space around us
  • Our cardiac field touches those within 8 – 10 feet of where we are positioned (and perhaps in more subtle ways at greater distances)
  • One person’s heart signal can effect another’s brainwaves, and heart-brain synchronization can occur between two people when they interact
  • Research conducted at the Institute of HeartMath suggests that the heart’s field is an important carrier of information

“Your Spirit lives in Your Heart.
5 steps to Let Your Spirit be Free!!”

  1. Be Still
  2. Connect to your Higher Consciousness  by visualising a bright light in your heart and keep seeing it grow.
  3. Your Higher Consciousness expands your Heart Energy.
  4. The electrical field and electromagnetic field of your Heart is far greater than the Brain, so it’s time to evolve and use your greatest electrical generator.
  5. Live an expanded life with the power of your heart energy

You naturally will achieve greater health, happiness and success as you learn to connect to your source energy to open your Heart.

These Pure Light Activations Meditations will support you go beyond your logical boundaries and experience an expanded life. When you use these regularly, you continue to access your Human potential at a whole new level and learn to harness greater capabilities. Use these Guided Pure Light Activations Meditations daily to have the life you want with ease.

If there is something that you want to do and it’s in the back of your mind, you can free yourself of limitations. Follow your inner guidance and bring Pure Light energy into your Life.

“Access your pure higher consciousness, activate your Heart energy to harness your brilliant life.”

When you deepen your connection to the abundance of this beautiful Light Source, Essence and Energy, you will not recognise yourself and what you are capable of. Let Light energy in and you become a great vessel of light to spread your wings and fly high!

“Be Free, Be Joy, Be Light, Fly High!”