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Meditation Ascension Spiritual Realms High Vibrations

Spoken Guided Meditation & Light Activation Process by Patricia Sheehan- set to high vibrational gentle background meditation music.

Track 1  Activate Diamond Consciousness. – 39:53 min

Description:  Living and Inspired, Expanded Life

Activate Diamond Consciousness

It is time to truly remember why you were created and why you are here at this time. You are becoming a master of your thoughts and allowing your divine personality to be expressed more clearly. Visit the Diamond Consciousness Gateway to activate your Diamond Consciousness. We will help you live in Divine Flow & Grace. You asked to be the brightest you can be. You have become a great light. With great light comes responsibility. We will help you keep your energetic space clear and gain wisdom and lightness to expand even more. Merge with vast expansive fields of energy & consciousness. Embrace and be open to your brightness. Be Light, Fly High.

Key Master Connection/ Activation: DiamondConsciousness Star Gate, Diamond Angels. Palm of left hand activation.

Angels and Light Master Connections:Archangel Michael, Orion, Archangel Metatron and Melchizedek

Numerology Number:9: Year of endings. Take stock of what you have learned and achieved. Clear out your house, car, books etc. New beginnings are on the way.

Chakra Number:9: I am grounded in Pure light

Invocation: I am precious. I am multifaceted. I am radiant and vibrant.  I express lightness in all I do. I am inspired with the brightness of life.

Activate Diamond energy. Visit the Diamond Consciousness Gateway. Be able to Explore the Unlimited Expansion of Divine energy with Grace and Ease. Access Purity and Manifest in expanded fields of energy. Embrace and be open to your brightness. Be Light Fly High.

Track 2 – Activate Light Body Level 1 – 12:21 min

Description: Activate your Nervous System to accept new levels of Light & Awareness.

Activate Light Body Level 1.

When your light and your body can live in balance and harmony, you can be your highest expression of light as a human being. You know this. It is time to remind yourself to be aware of the light deep within you. This light can be anchored in your spine. This will ground God’s Divine light on earth into actions of love. Breathe bright light into your back and spine for divine support and love. You are a child of the universe and Divine help is unlimited and abundant and all around you.

Key Master Connection/ Activation: Energise yournervous system with pure light to anchor your higher consciousness.

Angels and Light Master Connections:Pure White Light, Rainbow Light, Violet flame

Numerology Number:9: Year of endings. Take stock of what you have learned and achieved. Clear out your house, car, books etc. New beginnings are on the way.

Chakra Number:9:I am grounded in pure light

Invocation: I feel the spreading of my wings, preparing to fly. I hear the call of the wind. I smell the freedom of the skies. I touch the edge of wonder, as I begin to lift. I love the feel of soaring. I know the thrill of diving. I light the sky with brilliance as I am free to fly.

Allow you Light and body live in balance and harmony. You can be your highest expression as a human being. Deeply healing to help release memories and energise and refresh your nervous system. Use regularly to refresh and brighten your nervous system and keep your high energy system bright.

Please Note: This Light Activation is part of a 9 CD Series. It is recommended to start at the beginning of the Series at CD1 and grow and develop as you go through the series. However if you feel drawn to a particular Activation feel free to listen to CDs in any order
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