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Meditation Peace of Mind-Release Stress Symptoms.

Spoken Guided Meditation & Light Activation Process by Patricia Sheehan- set to high vibrational gentle background meditation music.

Track 2 – Deepen your Connection with Your Angels for Guidance – 18:02 min

Description: Access Guidance for Success with your Angels

Deepen Your Connection with Your Angels for Guidance

It is time to deepen your connection to Source Light for guidance. Call upon your Angels for everything. We are here to help. We Angels are always here and waiting to be asked. Sit and relax and breathe while we shower you with angelic showers of peace, healing, success and abundance. Feel our wings surrounding you and helping you to fly right now. You are ready to fly. This is your time. You are light and free.

Key Master Connection/ Activation: Angelic Showers of Peace, Healing, Success, Abundance.

 Angels and Light Master Connections: Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael.

Numerology Number:1: Innovation, Ideas. Reinvent yourself. Plant seeds

Chakra Number:1: Joy

Invocation: I am always free to fly. Be light. Be free. I am free to fly.

Deepen your connection to your source light and angelic assistance. Access guidance for success from your Angels.

What does this Meditation & Light Activation Guided process help with?

This Light Activation Guided process will strengthen your connection to your Angels and allow you access great peace by bringing Angels and increased Light essence into your daily life. You will use the magical qualities of the Angels and higher dimensions as a wonderful practical tool to live a peaceful, happier more connected life. This process will teach you the personal skills that you can apply daily, to experience Angels with you as part of your normal daily activities. ________________________________________________________________________________

Note: This Meditation Light Activation is part of a 9 Meditation CD Series. It is recommended to start at the beginning of the Series at Meditation CD1 and grow and develop as you go through the Meditation series. However if you feel drawn to a particular Meditation Activation feel free to listen to CDs in any order

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