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Guided Meditations for Freedom, Clarity, Lifes Purpose- Mini Series CD1-CD3

Spoken Guided Meditation & Light Activation Process by Patricia Sheehan- set to high vibrational gentle background meditation music.

Description: Connect with your Purpose.

 Be Free, Fly High

Study and new ways help your life purpose and personal growth at this time. We are here to guide you and help you with this process. Connect with Archangel Michael for the Key to your next step. Visit the Temple of Light for new higher thoughts. Anchor your gifts as you visit the Lake of Miracles. You can activate and deepen your connection to Pure Light, your Purpose and Dreams. Clarify your desires and enhance your goals with Joy, Creation and Light. It’s time to free yourself from past ways and move confidently into being a Creative Being of Light. Have a great life now.

Key Master Connection/ Activation: Archangel Michael.Seven Masters of Light.Kumeka, Metatron, Orion, Kuthumi, Kwan Yin, St Germaine and Melchizedek.Angels of Miracles.Indigo Consciousness. Quartz Crystal. Your Light Master.

Angels and Light Master Connections: Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael. Temple of Light. Angels of Miracles.

Numerology Number:1, 2, 3: Shine, express yourself. Bring colour into your life. Use your creative ideas. It is a time for huge creative expression. Speak your truth. Lighten up and have fun in your new found gifts and creativity. Party time and connect.

Chakra Number:1, 2, 3.: Wisdom from other dimensions

Invocation: “I am free and ready to fly.”

Clarify Your Desires and Enhance your Goals with Joy, Creation and Light. Create your Life with Pure Light. Integrate Source Light Energy into your everyday for a more effective easier life.

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Please Note: This Light Activation is part of a 9 CD Series. It is recommended to start at the beginning of the Series at CD1 and grow and develop as you go through the series. However if you feel drawn to a particular Activation feel free to listen to CDs in any order

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