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Meditation Angels. Be Your Own Life Coach-Living Your Purpose

Spoken Guided Meditation & Light Activation Process by Patricia Sheehan- set to high vibrational gentle background meditation music.

Track 1 – Living Your Purpose – 31:11 min

Description: Meditation to take you on a Journey to the Temple of Light. Have the most amazing Meditation journey to the Temple of Light. Meet your 7 Light Ascended Masters for Higher Thought Patterns, Feminine Grace, Miraculous Manifestation and Purification. .Listen to it regularly and it activates your Genius Light Mind.

What does this Meditation & Light Activation Guided process help with?

We all spend so much time asking and thinking about the right thing to do. Do we have the right job to fulfil our needs? Are we in the right relationships? How are we relating in the relationships we are in. We are always looking outside of ourselves for the answers to a happy life. We want others to act a certain way and we will feel happy or loved or respected or cared for. This activation will help with coming back to your centre. Bring your power back to yourself. It will support you in your work and your relationships. You can become bright in all your relationships just as they are. You will be filled with new lightness, wisdom, new beginnings and create a new connection with your Light Master. Your Light Master is here for you to have the best life on this earth. Increase your Vibration and open up to your powerful life.

Living Your Purpose

Your Light Ascended Masters are here to support you to live your purpose now. Purpose is really simple. Your purpose is to be the best You! Your purpose is to enjoy life and to behappy. You can do it! You can make simple life changes. Visit the temple of light and seven light masters to support you to have a light filled life. There is one particular Light Master supporting you right now. Connect and be your own brightest star.

Key Master Connection/ Activation: 7 Masters of Light. Kumeka, Metatron, Orion, Kuthumi, Kwan Yin, St Germaine and Melchizedek.

 Angels and Light Master Connections: Crystal Room. Healing Room, Lightness & Fun Room, Higher Thought Pattern Room, Honouring the Journey Room.

Numerology Number 2 : Grow a little. Teamwork and relationships are good for your life purpose. Stops and starts are ok. Work with people to support you.

 Chakra Number 2 : Balance Masculine and Creation.

Invocation: Please help me clear distractions that keep me away from my life purpose. Work with me to create miraculous manifestations that reflect my highest spiritual energy.

Track 2 – Raise Your Energy & Light – 21:56 min

Description: Joy & Creation with Light. Activate your third eye, solar plexus, heart and positive life views of Joy and Creation with Light. Your days will be brighter, lighter and happier. This track helps you see the light in everything and you will hold new levels of Light frequency.

Raise Your Energy & Light

There are times when you need to boost your physical energy, so that you can continue on your life journey. This is a good time to focus on your fine instrument, your body. As you bring light and energy into your body, old tired ways fall away. Use your higher consciousness now to raise your energy and light. Higher frequency sustains thoughts and emotions of high vibration that enliven your body. Focus on pure light filling your body and surrounding you each and every moment of your life. Remember You are light in a human body.

Key Master Connection/ Activation: Beings of Light surround you and send you light. You hold a new level of light.

 Angels and Light Master Connections: Beings ofLight send light to the palms of your hands, your third eye, your solar plexus and your heart.

Numerology Number:2: Grow a little. Teamwork and relationships are good for your life purpose. Stops and starts are ok. Work with people to support you.

 Chakra Number:2: Balance Masculine and Creation.

Invocation: I am becoming brighter and brighter. I use universal light assistance. I bring light to everything I touch. I have a renewed level of lightness and happiness in my life.


What does this Meditation & Light Activation Guided process help with?

This activation will help you trust in universal assistance. Renew your level of happiness and positive view of Joy and Creation with light. Soften your Heart centre.

Connect to your higher consciousness to awaken your awareness to a whole new level. Use to invigorate your body and mind to connect to your subconscious (the power of your hidden mind)

By awakening awareness and accessing your powerful subconscious, your mind becomes clearer, brighter and you can access new creative ways of ease and lightness

  • Thoughts are electrical pulses
  • Patterns are well practiced electrical pulses
  • Behaviours are actions of electrical pulses
  • Maps are created from electrical pulses

Use light energy – Alter the electrical pulse => Alter the Map you are following. Patterns are energy ready to be transformed. Recalibrate your energy field and watch your patterns of lower thoughts dissolve.

Changes in your breath, changes in the flow of energy, softening in your body or feeling deeply relaxed is your feedback that electrical pulsed are altering and patterns are altering.


Note: This Meditation Light Activation is part of a 9 Meditation CD Series. It is recommended to start at the beginning of the Series at Meditation CD1 and grow and develop as you go through the Meditation series. However if you feel drawn to a particular Meditation Activation feel free to listen to CDs in any order

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