Pure Light Meditation Activations-Ready to take off!

Many thanks for your Light and Love and support throughout the years.

Pure Light Activations

Ready to take off and fly!

Please celebrate with me as my New Look Pure Light Activations website is launched…And some samples for you.

Pure Light is on the move!

You now can get your Pure Light Activations Meditations on download for you to play on your MP3 player or phone.
Just click  Pure Light Meditations Activations and select your Activation and see the download options.

Listen to your Play sample
You can enjoy listening to a play sample for each Pure Light Activation by clicking Pure Light Meditations Activations. Click on the Activation CD Cover and then click Products and enjoy a sample of all 18 Pure Light Activations and 2 Golden Light Guided Meditations.

Whenever you need a boost of Light, click onto my website and play a sample. Ask for guidance which one will bring you what you need in the moment.

How to use Pure Light Activations for a Light Life.
You can now see how each Light Activation can help to raise your light frequency and is a very practical way to be the Best You! You’ll love this section. You can see the following:

  • Description of the Guided Light Activation: Summary of the Activation Journey
  • Key Master Connection/ Activation: This section is all about the Key Activation. Each Activation is focussed on activating one main aspect in your life and there is a key Light Master that will support you to activate that part of you.
  • Angels and Light Master Connections: This section is all about who you are connecting to in the Activation. Get to know and deepen your connection to your light team that exists within you
  • Numerology Number: There is number connected to each Activation that can give you an insight into what you are working with. Numbers go from 1 up to 9.
  • Chakra Number: Each Activation is designed to activate one of your chakras. You will see the wisdom in why you like one Activation at a particular time, as you are developing your chakras all the time.
  • Invocation: Each Activation has a powerful invocation which supports the activation process. When you declare the invocation as part of the activation process you are saying to yourself and the universe I am ready to move on and Be who I truly am. A different invocation is in the body of each Activation so when you are listening to each Activation you ignite that specific declaration.

Free 3 minute Activation for you.
Free 3 minute Activation to Bring you back to Centre and Focus. Whenever you need to refresh and focus listen to this. Go to end of page Light Meditation and click play sample.

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For You
These Activations can be used to clear old ways, clear your mind, refresh your body. They recalibrate your energy field so new ways are easier to integrate into your life. They are also super for anyone who does any healing work to keep raising your frequency to hold more light for yourself and others.
You will not be the same person after listening on a regular basis to these Activations. Your Light Frequency Transforms.

Lots of Lightness for a Life of Freedom, Joy and Happiness in all you do.
Be Free, Be Joy, Be Light. Fly High!!