The Earth Shines Brighter When You Do! 6 Steps to Becoming Brighter!

Do you want to feel brighter?  Do you want to shine bright? If you do, then first declare thats what You want.

I am not going to say too much here. Sometimes we spend all the time talking about what we want and we don’t do what we want. So for today stop talking!

6 steps to Becoming Brighter.

1. Declare it to yourself. Just to yourself.

2. Connect to your Higher Mind, Your Angels, Your Light Team to assist you. Have a good conversation with them and all that you would like support with. Have these converstions at first, in a deep meditative state so that your higher mind is at work not your logical mind.

3. After connecting to your higher mind, ensure you come back with guidance to take the first step. Only the first step! When you are working with the higher mind and light asssistance, long term projections do not work very well. Living the moment and doing what is in front of you will bring you close to your bright self.

4. Invoke and call in the Higher dimensions into all your activities. this will help you always to be in the higher purpose of any task. Your resonance and brightness increases dramatically when you bring the higher purpose to day to day activities. And you decide what it is! Your truth is your truth.

5. Keep all actions and thoughts aligned with love for yourself and others. Check that your mind is loving, If not clear it and recreate another thought that is loving. No need to judge yourself on this as that only holds you back in the cycle of being stuck in the thought. We are all human and we can continue to develope our minds to become brighter and aligned with love and light assistance.

6. Bring Joy to everything you do! Just keep practicing in seeing the Joy and you will see more Joy.

Be Free, Be Joy, Be Light.  Bright One!